Qualcomm to power future Nokia Windows Phones

Here’s a new report somewhat validating what I have written a few days ago when ST-Ericsson announced its partnership with Nokia for future Windows Phones; Qualcomm’s European President has recently stated that his company was closely working on Nokia’s roadmap and that the Nokia Lumia handsets that where recently unveiled are just the beginning of the collaboration between both companies.

“We are working on a roadmap [with Nokia] and not a single device, a single launch. It’s an important collaboration for Qualcomm, so we are very excited about working together. It’s been very effective in terms of time to market because we developed the phone together. It’s been a very successful development.”[...]“The Nokia collaboration is also very much about the Windows Phone ecosystem and, of course, we at Qualcomm, as you know, are supporting on our platform the Windows Phone software and actually at the moment we are the only supplier supporting the integrated solution.”

I personally still believe that ST-E’s chipsets will only be used by Nokia for its TD-SCDMA handsets in China and low-end phones while Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC will be found in the rest (High-End,Mid-range devices).

source: Techradar