Nokia Lumia 800 LTE coming to AT&T next year and Nokia Champagne

You simply can’t stop the rumors and today’s headliner is about an LTE version of the Nokia Lumia 800 that AT&T is supposedly going to offer next year. Besides that nothing else is know at all. It is speculated that it will be running Windows Phone 7 Tango because the current OS version, according to “highly educated bloggers”, doesn’t support LTE even tough baseband support has for the most part nothing to do with the OS and is primarily a Radio/Driver thing (also remember that the OS base band support was fully described on the company’s own site for a few hours more than a year ago before it was taken down, LTE was apparently already in there).

Anyway it is highly probable that all Windows Phone handset launching in early 202 will be running Tango which is, from what we currently know, a relatively small update adding universal search to the OS and language support to some countries. A Nokia Champagne handset running 7.10.8711 has been spotted by the I’m a WP7 app last month. No info on what this device may be though. Back to the rumored LTE Nokia Lumia 800: the only way for it to be LTE compatible is by adding a MDM9600 multi-modem radio in addition to the MSM8655 SoC powering the device (just like the HTC Thunderbolt). Now where’s my salt ?

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