Spotify is out, Sounhound is free and Deezer has been updated

Music aficionados have been served today on Windows Phone 7 with the release of Spotify. The music streaming app features everything you can expect from it and is fully Mango compatible which means that it takes advantage of the new background tasking APIs and Live tile goodness. You can download for free from here but remember that are now required to link your Spotify account to your Facebook account..annoying I know..

Tired of Shazam and the fact that it’s no longer free? Want more than what the superb Bing Music feature has to offer (which is only a link to the Zune Marketplace right)? SoundHound has come to the rescue! It’s has finally been released on Windows Phone 7 and lets you tag an unlimited number of songs for free. It also fetch the songs lyrics for you in the blink of an eye. The application is also Mangofied and gives you the option to pin the sound tagging features directly on your start screen (no need to open the app and then tag a song now). You can get it here.

Last but not least; Spotify’s french competitor, Deezer, has received an update recently. The UI has been slightly modified (and is now no longer in French only) but it unfortunately is not Mango certified (not fast application switching..). Get it here.

  • Kyle

    Deezer dot com is no longer even free though the more I think about it the more it’s  amazing how long Deezer remained free as it was in this very greedy world.