AT&T to allow Intrenet Sharing on Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash

..if you pay for this option in your data plan. In line with what was always communicated by Microsoft, Internet Sharing will be made available on the AT&T Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash as long as you have this payed option enabled on your monthly data plan. I’ve noticed a lot of confused people in the past few days because of the lack of tethering on the Nokia Lumia 800 review samples and would lik to remind them that it’s up to the carrier (and OEM if you by your phone unlocked) to enable the Wifi Hotspot / internet sharing feature in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. T-Mobile just did this in Germany for the Samsung Omnia 7 (you can download the firmware from here) and HTC has it available on its unlocked HTC Radar and HTC Titan handsets in Europe.

So, just because a handset doesn’t have it know doesn’t mean that it won’t have later (the Samsung Focus will also get it soon). Just relax and don’t get caught by the hype and FUD. The Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 (or any other Mango handset) will have Internet Sharing enabled in due time.

source: AT&T, AT&T via wpcentral