Nokia selects ST-Ericsson NovaThor SoC for future low end Windows Phones ?

Looks like ST-Ercisson’s dream has finally been realized. According to a rather short and cryptic press release Nokia has selected unnamed ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor SoCs for future low end devices and / or devices aimed at certain countries like China which don’t use the same base-bands (TD-SCDMA) as the rest of the world (remember HTC uses Qualcomm SoCs in 95% of its devices and Texas Instrument SoCs only for its Chinese TD-SCDMA products). Still looks like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon will be found in the vast majority high-mid-end devices though (I sure hopes so given that the GPU in some NovaThor SoCs doesn’t have the same featureset as the Adreno GPUs..fragmentation be damned..I guess..meh).


November 02, 2011

NovaThorâ„¢ platform to enable Nokia to extend Windows Phone devices to new price points and geographies

Geneva, Switzerland, November 2, 2011 – Nokia has selected ST-Ericsson as a supplier for future devices it plans to introduce based on the Windows Phone mobile platform.
“We are pleased to have been selected by Nokia as a key partner for Windows smartphones, in line with our goal to be present in all segments and major operating systems,” said Gilles Delfassy, president and CEO of ST-Ericsson. “Our NovaThor platforms continue to gain traction as they enable customers to bring great smartphones to the market.”

It would be safe to wait for Nokia’s (and Microsoft’s) PR though given the amount dodgy statements that ST-E has released on this matter since last February. ST-Ericsson has been bleeding money for a while now and this announcement is sure to please shareholders…

source: ST-Ericsson

  • Anonymous

    Other blogs keep mentioning dual core presumably because NovaThor SoCs are currently all dual core. It’s true Nokia speaks of “other price points” with regards to this STEricsson deal, which may mean they’ll produce single core NovaThors or that their dual-core chips will be really cheap in the near future.