New Samsung Omnia 7 firmware with internet sharing available: I8700XXKI4

Want that fancy WiFi Hotspot internet sharing Tethering feature on you Windows Phone 7 device? If you are a Samsung Omnia 7 owner today is your lucky day. T-Mobile Germany pushed out a new firmware last night version I8700XXKI4 with the tethering / Internet Sharing feature enabled (thanks for the tip guys!). I’m a nice guy so I grabbed the firmware file and uploaded it so you can manually install it on your handset. Follow the instructions below (same a before and I’m not responsible if it doesn’t work for you):

- Download the firmware here (remember that’s not the OS but only the firmware bits) then download the WPupdate tools from here.
- Unzip the Tools in a folder then unzip the firmware in the same folder as the tools.
- Plug in your device, wait until the Zune client starts and then close it.
- Run the the Updater and press S or B (depending on the size of your balls..)
- your phone will then reboot in download mode and update (don’t unplug it or do stupid things with your PC during the whole process..)

Please note that this won’t work if you are running the latest I8700XXKI3 firmware from SFR (there’s a conflict with the bootloader and maybe others too) so you will have to painfully revert back to an older firmware like the T-Mobile RC1 here (I8700XXKH2).

You should then have the following:

OS Version: 7.10.7720.68
Firmware revision number: 2424.11.9.4
Hardware revision number:
Radio software version: 2424.11.9.1
Radio hardware version:
Bootloader version:
Chip SOC version:

Enjoy tethering your handset!

  • Mohamed Ossama Amer

    Will this reset the phone and I will have to install all programs again?? and does it have a carrier logo on the start screen??

  • MobileTechWorld

    It won’t reset your handset if you only update the firmware. Can’t say about carrier logo because I already had one before.

  • omnia 7 orange uk

    I have omnia 7 on orange uk, i used the zune trick to force mango update, still not getting message for firmware update. should i eventually receive it or is it best for me to roll back to nodo and then zune update the proper way????

  • Pavel Drach

    For SFR or others non T-Mobile:  problem is not in Bootloader. I tried to revert back to KH2 bootloader (only bootloader without PDA staff) and then upgrade to I8700XXKI4… Same error (File name conflict).

  • MobileTechWorld

    Your only solution will be to flash the whole KH2 firmware and Zune will then automatically update your handset.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Follow the instructions in the post to manually update the firmware (Orange isn’t pushing anything right now). If you get a conflict error you’ll have to flash the KH2 RC1 rom from T-mobile (= hard reset) and then update via Zune.

  • Jens Veraa

    Already tried that, didn’t show it after that either :)

  • MobileTechWorld

    Tried what ? The update will never show up in Zune if you have a non-T-Mobile branded handset. That’s why you have to do the update manually or roll back to the KH2 engineer rom (or change the branding in the registry after jail-breaking your handset).

  • Jens Veraa

    He said: “I have omnia 7 on orange uk, i used the zune trick to force mango update, still not getting message for firmware update. should i eventually receive it or is it best for me to roll back to nodo and then zune update the proper way????”     

    So He wanted to roll back to know if there was a chance after that he will get an update: my answer because I tried: No, after that no update pops up so don’t need to do that.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Ah oki. Thanks for the clarification Jens :)

  • Anonymous

    This came through Zune for me.

  • Comeon123

    yep. file name conflict even with unbranded pre-SFR 2424.11.8.5
    i tried to force it with updatewp7. does’nt work.

    crossgrading the optus cab (2424.11.9.2) worked. but screencapturer v3 doesn’t work after the update so i reverted. (tethering was there, compass worked and ui was faster if somebody wondered what 11.9.2+ gives)

  • Aswas

    I get

    8018001E, error message: IU (Image Update) installation failed on phone: File name conflict. Two or more packages in the update contain the same file.

    I’m running Mango firmware version 2424.11.8.5

    Any work arounds for this?

  • Max

    Bing Maps is looking awesome now!

  • Omniar

    Same problem here 2424.11.8.5 with boot loader and still get “name conflict”. I had completely flashed omnia 7 to state when I first bought it and again no success.
    All of your other upgrades worked perfectly. What is wrong with this one?

  • Jens Veraa

    I have a question.
    My nephew has also an omnia 7 like I do. His Omnia isn’t able to update to the final Mango build (7403 succeeded, 7720 gives an error code of 80004005. No idea how to solve this problem but could be firmware related.
    (If you’ve got a solution for this, would be nice)
    But my main question: would it be possible to flash this firmware onto his device, despite being not Mango? Could it resolve the problem or make it even worse.

    Thanks in advance, I hope you could help me (him) !


  • matt

    Same problem  fw 2424.11.8.5 with boot loader and “at least two file with same name” error message

  • MobileTechWorld

    My best advise would to tell him to flash the KH2 firmware (T-Mobile RC1 Mango firmware) on his device and he will then automaticaly get this update via Zune.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Only solution is to flash the KH2 T-Mobile Mango RC1 firmware on your device and then plug it in. Zune will then push this new update to your device.

  • Andrea

    As i did with KH2 i’m going to ask you…Is there T-mobile bootloader or T-mobile applications after the update? Since it is a T-mobile ROM it should have these “features” but i’m already going to ask you that. Thanks a lot!! ;)

  • Hansi

    When I´m trying to update with WP7 cab sender I get a message sying that “The system cannot find the path specified” and “Error: No update files”
    Can anyone help me out with this?

  • Jens Veraa

    Now? Because of this firmware update??

  • Max

    Not sure… I8700XXKI3 said to have a new version of Bing (Road) Maps, but for some reason the road maps really look different now (according to me). Looking really neat :)

  • Anonymous

    I have opened the cab file and it contains a T-Mobile CSC ImageUpdate cab.pkg that will brand your phone. Beware of it before installing…

  • Seiferflo

    Hey guys, nothing happens for me. It copies the file correctly, transfer fine, reboot, download mode, reboot and then I get the grey message Update unsuccessful when my phone turns back on.
    My FW was first 0222.11.8.5 / BTL: so I had to use the I8700XENJK1,then doing some zune updates until I come back to this: Mango 7.10.7720.68 / FW 2424.11.8.5 / BTL but impossible to put the I8700ki4. Is there any way to find it as a bin file to use WP7 downloader?

  • MobileTechWorld

    There’s a faster and easier way to enable Internet Sharing now without flash your firmware:

  • Lorenzo Castricini

    Hi, I’m in the same situation. I have an Orange UK Samsung Omnia 7 updated to Mango via Zune, but I can’t receive the updated firmware (compass and bluetooth don’t work on my phone).
    What can I do to flash an updated firmware? I tried to direct flash firmware via USB, but I receive an error at the end of the process (something like: “2 packages contains the same file name…”???


  • Rajunapit

    when i update new firmwear mango then wifi donot catch

  • jC

    drag & drop the *.cab-file into the batch-file… cheers, jC

  • jC
  • johnnyg

    I had problems conecting using the Tmob package.. could get phone but no data.. after much messing about tried the Samsung app “Network profile”. Set it to Orange UK & it all worked a treat.. inc internet sharing :-)

  • GeordieW

    Worked a treat on my Omnia 7, no problems at all. Anybody know if same thing will work on Nokia Lumia???

  • Suwatchai Mobizt

    When I want to flash I8700XXKH2, it’s not work for me WP7 Downloader shows the message “not match with selected binary”

  • Miguel Santos

    Did you get carrier branding… Like SFR logo?

  • Nilesh Dangi

    hi i have i8700 uk, i unlocked it in India.
    but i couldnt access market place,and i couldnt able to connect with pc,
    device not found.

  • Nilesh Dangi

    i got error with “wp7 update cab sender”.
    ‘Choice’ is note recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.
    what should i do please.

  • David

    Hi, I have omnia 7 in Australia. I have the latest update version. 8873. I used to have internet sharing but now its gone. Can anyone help me get it back