Is the Nokia Lumia 800 the key to Windows Phone's success?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: Nokia’s marketing is more important to Microsoft. As you already know by now the recently unveiled Nokia Lumia 800 isn’t really a groundbreaking piece of hardware. The design and build quality may be top notch but it still lacks several features that most people came to expect on a high-end handsetNoFront facing camera, no Gyroscope, more internal storage. Some are disappointed while others simply don’t care because the device is probably good enough for them. The Nokia Lumia 720 is on lower end of the spectrum but thankfully Nokia kept it’s CPU clocked at 1.4Ghz like its bigger brother the Lumia 800.

I personally think that the NoKia Lumia marketing campaign announcement is more important than the devices that were announced a few days ago. Microsoft finally face the hard truth: the company simply sucks at marketing anything other than the Xbox brand and is now counting on the device manufactures to finally step up their game. It has already been told that Microsoft is handing money to the devices manufacturers this year to promote their Mango handsets for the holiday season and that Nokia is getting the biggest chuck of it. Samsung and Microsoft’s latest Android licensing deal announcement also clearly noted that the Korean mobile giant which is now the N°1 smartphone manufacturer in the world, will participate in the promotion of the Windows Phone platform. It didn’t take long for Nokia to start creating a lot of buzz around the Lumia brand. Tons of TV channels in Europe talked about it and even had live demos of the 800 on the day of its announcement even though they mainly talked about as the new Nokia phone most of the time without even mentioning that it ran Windows Phone (better than nothing I guess…). People simply shouldn’t under estimate the power of the Nokia brand outside of the US.

As a matter of fact Nokia Lumia ads are now all over the place on the web as you can see below this story if you a lucky and Microsoft even slap a giant poster on the HQ this week.

The first Nokia Lumia handsets may not the best thing since sliced bread but this is just the start folks. Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) is when we are going to see Nokia’s influence in the core OS and when the Finnish company will come out with products that may appeal to everybody. This will also hopefully light a fire under the other OEMs backsides and make them prove that “hey! the Nokia Lumia 800 isn’t the first “real Windows Phone”! We also got some really great stuff too that we would like to promote”.