HTC Titan performance compared to 1st Generation Windows Phone 7 handsets

Time to show you how the gigantic HTC Titan performance compared to a first generation QSD8250 powered Windows Phone 7 handsets. As you will see in the video embedded after the break, the Titan is simply perfectly smooth at all times unlike the Samsung Omnia 7 which has a hard time rendering the live tiles when scrolling fast, the Webbrower controls embedded in third-party Silverlight applications and also panorama controls are now perfectly smooth in all applications. The Titan also often loads big games faster than the Omnia 7 and simply destroys the Samsung devices in HW accelerated HTML5 rendering (watch the video until the end..). This is really a combination of the 1.5Ghz Scorpion CPU in the MSM8255 and also the more powerful Adreno205 GPU.

You should expect the same performance out of the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash Omnia W, Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 (basically all devices with the MSM8255 clocked at 1.4Ghz or higher).

  • Anonymous

    Good review. But may I ask why you didn’t compare the internet speeds?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Didn’t have WiFi connection. Only one SIM (in the Titan) running on EDGE and tethering it to the Omnia 7 via the Titan’s WiFi Hotspot feature. Not ideal for a browser test….

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    I really don’t see a reason for upgrade, the only big thing that i see, it’s that the QSD8250 with Adreno 200 takes a lot more to render the tiles, and the text in apps or embed browser. But i think in the future the MSM8255 will make the difference. If we talk about smoothness, i see both equal…

  • Anonymous

    Ahh…I see.

  • Rafael Muñoz

    1second faster loading Angry Birds..I guess i’ll keep my superAMOLED screen that clearly is ahead out of discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Have to love WP7, even the first gen runs all that smoothly, a little slower yeah, but still not enough that the normal person is going to notice unless they are playing with the 2 gens together. I have what is arguably one of the worst first gen phones, the Trophy on Verizon, and I still think that its the best phone that I have had. The OS makes great use of the the resources that it has, battery life is super, speed is good, no hang ups (software or phone), no noticable lag. I bought my phone with the full intention that I would be replacing it when I saw some stunning hardware, and so far, the one that fits that bill is the Nokia Lumia 800, I will wait and see what Nokia brings in 2012, if something grabs my attention I may bite, or may just wait until Jan 2013 when I can upgrade again. Nokia w/ Apollo could very well be drool inducing, erection producing phones.