Tango video chat application coming to Windows Phone 7 Mango on November 7th

The already announced and showcased Tango video chat application will officially be released on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango on November 7th according to the company. Given that the official Skype app for Windows Phone 7 is not yet ready for prime-time, Tango will be the only game in town unless you have a Samsung handset which can already use the manufacturers own Video Call application. This is all fine an dandy..unless you plan on getting the Nokia Lumia 800 or Lumia 710 because both handsets unfortunately lack a front facing camera. On the other hand I probably only used video chat once in my life so it really depends on where your priorities are…

Tango will be pre-loaded on the HTC Radar and HTC Titan in come regions (US, Germany etc..).

source: Forbes

  • Boby_iliev

    Quit posting bullshit dates,pls