Nokia Lumia 800 Benchmarks. No Front facing camera

Ready to be disappointed? The Nokia Lumia 800 doesn’t have a front facing camera (we already saw that in the leaked video). Now that we got this out the way let’s take a look at the device synthetic performance based on a some body’s hands on experience with the device. As you will see in the benchmark scores below the Nokia Lumia 800 is on par with the HTC Titan (and most probably the Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash / Omnia W) given that all those handsets have an MSM8255 clocked at either 1.4ghz or 1.5Ghz. That’s the joy of Windows Phone 7 folks: All devices have roughly the same performance so you will have to make your buying decision based on something else. The Lack of FF camera sucks though and the Pent-Tile AMOLED display is no longer the hottest thing in town.

The Nokia Lumia 800 will hopefully have a great camera that will differentiate it with the competition. If all goes as planned I should have one soon so stay tuned…

source: TNW

  • moonman

    AFAIK the Nokia Clear Black AMOLED screen is not pentile. As for the FF cam… I couldn’t care less.

  • MobileTechWorld

    It most probably is… Just like the Nokia N9 ClearBlack AMOLED display. The panel is supplied by Samsung and then Nokia does the glass bonding part which is similar to Samsung’s Super AMOLED technique (no air gap between the panel and the glass). As a matter of fact if the Lumia 800 has a 3.7″ screen then it’s most probably using the same exact panel as the Samsung Focus Flash / Omnia W.

  • Anonymous

    No FF sucks as I was hoping to use the upcoming Skype app. Also those browser tests don’t fare too well for the Lumia 800. Perhaps those tests don’t favor IE… 

    Also the screen is too small at 3.7″ especially after getting used to the Focus 4″ screen. 

    As much as I love the design of the 800 and the polycarbonate body, there’s no reason for me to change my Focus. If anything, the Focus S looks more attractive with FF camera and 4.3″ SAMOLED screen.

    I hope Nokia brings something better than the 800 tomorrow otherwise they are going to have a hard time exciting press and users alike.

  • moonman

    I see, didn’t know that.

    Do You think the Titan’s SLCD is comparable to Samsung’s (and therefore Nokia’s) SAMOLED (or even SAMOLED+) in terms of contrast and black levels? I suppose colours are still more natural on LCDs.

  • Ef Jay

    Have been using a Dell Venue Pro since December with an AMOLED screen, looks gorgeous. Don’t see an issue with it on the Nokia.

  • moonman

    Oh, You just posted a video answering my question… You’re reading my mind, buddy. :-D

    Well, HTC did a really god job with this screen and I also hear that the camera is almost as good as on the iPhone 4S. What do You think about the “low” resolution on the Titan’s giant screen? Is it really that much disturbing?

  • MobileTechWorld

    The Focus S is probably going to be the best Mango handset (I just want a SAMOLED+ WP7 device..). Unfortunately for us in EU the device has yet to be announced… :-(

  • MobileTechWorld

    The WVGA res doesn’t really bother me most of the time. It only really shows up in 3D games because most don’t have any form of Anti-Aliasing enabled (the poor Adreno 200 simply can’t handle it at this res anyway..).
    The LCD panels will never be able to match the pure blacks of AMOLED’s though.. SAMOLED+ is the way to go IMO but HTC is indeed using a really nice panel on its new devices (Radar/Titan/Sensation XL)

  • MobileTechWorld

    It’s not that big of a deal but you really notice the PenTile matrix when going back an forth between a LCD equipped device and AMOLED one.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a Galaxy SII with WP, so I’m sure you’ll get it sometime next year. The GSII is Samsung’s cash cow… 

    Man I really hope the Lumia 900 becomes real and I can go back to using a Nokia device.

  • Shadedpowder

    I totally cuncor..  i have been a loyal Nokia user since 1998 except for a brief stint with the Motorala razr.  I unfortunately am going o switch to the Samsung Focus S/ Omnia S.  I was really hoping for something tangible from Nokia.. a serious game changer.  Hopefully when they get their act together and come up with something innovative I will switch back.  

  • nino

    i was lookin forward to this mobile with win 7 but although i can use win live i cannot use msn…. what’s the point? no ff cam