Nokia's first Windows Phone to be only European bound this year ?

According to AdAge how claims to have obtained information about Nokia’s marketing plans for this year end the company’s first Windows Phone is only going to be marketed in Europe this year and only expected  to hit the US in early 2012. As I’ve noted a few months ago the device is going to be on short supply so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody but I would surprised / disappointed if Nokia didn’t a least paper launch it in North America with a relatively low batch of devices for Christmas and finally ramp up everything in Q1 2012.

Nokia is currently evaluating agencies to launch its Windows Phones planned for 2012, according to a briefing document, and has tapped a little-known independent London shop to lead marketing for the new handsets. It’s specifically looking for a San Francisco-area digital agency to “dimensionalize” the global creative idea “Amazing Everyday.” What does that mean exactly? “Hidden away in the everyday landscape are billions of little adventures,” the brief says. “And the new Nokia with Windows Phone makes it easier to find them, to take part in them and to share them.”

As far as I know European carriers have already some handsets in stock for an early November availability. How many devices are going to be announced this week ? well We more or less know about the Nokia Searay aka Nokia 800 which seems to be the company’s flagship product for this year and there’s also possible the Nokia 703 too but the wording int he quote above makes me believe that the US will only get one model. Everything else is just speculation at this point but the Nokia 800 is pretty much confirmed given that Amazon is already taking pre-orders for some accessories.

source: AdAge, Amazon, Liveside