HTC Titan HD video recording hands on and compared to the Omnia 7

One of the main differentiating feature of the HTC Titan is its new 8 megapixel camera with F2.2 lens, dual LED flash, and BSI sensor. Thanks to the MSM8255 SoC the device is now capable of shooting 720P videos at 30fps (25fps for the 1st gen Windows Phone 7 handsets).

So how do the videos look like ? Well, I shot two of them on the Titan and the Samsung Omnia 7 both at the same time so you can directly compare them. The first thing you will notice is the higher frame of the Titan video and its higher level of motion blur which seems to be caused by a slower shutter speed. This results in a steadier video shoot compared to the Omnia 7′s jerky mess. The only downside of the Titan is th super slow auto-exposure control which can be really annoying in some situations(the Omnia 7 colors are more natural). Both camera also have continuous auto-focus (it’s a hit-or-miss feature as you can see sometimes both devices have a hard time focusing depending on the lighting situtation.). As of right now the HTC Titan features the best camera that HTC has ever packed in a one of their handsets. The 720P videos shots on the HTC Titan are btter than the 1080P ones shot on the HTC Sensation. For you information the the First HTC Titan is 75MB while the Omnia 7 is 45MB (the Titan encodes at 10Mbs and has 5 more fps while the Omnia 7 encodes at 6Mbs). Check out both videos after the break and tell me what you think and if you want me to show you anything else.

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