First official photos of the Samsung Focus S

The still mysterious Samsung Focus S has finally shown its face courtesy of Microsoft today. The device’s full hardware specifications are still unknown same for it’s European variant that has yet to be announced. The whole design is definitely similar to the original Samsung Galaxy which looked kinda nice but definitely not amazing. on the other hand the Samsung Focus Flash looks identical to the European Samsung Omnia W. Anyway, let’s hope that Samsung get its act together and finally announces/ unveils something in the next few days. More picture after the break:

source: Microsoft

  • JP

    looks cheap! the TITAN is gradually looking more attractive, – your move Nokia!

  • man1up

    I really feel stuck, economiclly it’s wise for me to stay with Sprint.  However Seeing the larger carrier like At&t/GSM pick and choose all the best ones makes me feel a letdown coming.  CDMA, and Sprint on top of it, I can’t even imagine a senario that has Nokia throwing Sprint a bone…

  • Diego!

    I thought it would look better, but as you mentioned M., it reminds me of the original Samsung Galaxy S. Nothing groundbreaking though. I’m kinda dissapointed :(

  • Ixozet

    Great phone, like it!