Skype for Windows Phone 7 still scheduled to be released this year

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Windows Phone 7 version of Skype which was announced back in April during the MIX11 developer event. Now that the first Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets equipped with front facing camera are starting to hit the shelves many users are eagerly waiting for the application to be released. Unfortunately front facing camera support has not been confirmed yet but it’s same to assume that it will be present from the get go but, obviously, only available on compatible devices.

Microsoft, who was present and at an HTC Ultimate event has confirmed that the Skype application is still on schedule to launch this year but apparently didn’t give any more info. Now that Skype is part of Microsoft it should only be logical to see it soon rather than later and also hopefully fully integrated in a future version of the OS similar to the current Twitter and Facebook integration.

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What’s inside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Want to know what’s really inside the latest and greatest Android handsets? Engadget, with the help of Android developer Francois Simond compiled¬† the full list of all the hardware found inside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus :


  • CPU: Texas Instruments OMAP4460 (same as the Droid RAZR), 2047.7 BogoMIPS
  • GPU: Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540 (highler clocked version than the one in the HummingBird SoC)
  • WiFi / Bluetooth module: Broadcom BCM4330 (same as in the Galaxy S II)
  • Audio codec: Texas Instruments TWL6040
  • HDMI: Silicon Image MHD SiI9234 transmitter over MHL (same as Infuse 4G and GSII)
  • USB Switch: Fairchild semiconductors fsa9480
  • Framebuffer controller: Samsung S6E8AA0 MIPI LCD with Gamma correction driver


  • Geomagnetic sensor: Brand new tri-axial Yamaha YAS530
  • TouchScreen sensor: Melfas MMSxxx touchscreen
  • Optical / proximity sensor: GP2A (same as Galaxy S and Nexus S)
  • Barometric pressure sensor: BOSCH BMP180
  • Triaxial acceleration sensor: BOSCH BMA250
  • Triple Axis MEMS Gyroscope: InvenSense MPU3050
  • Fuel Gauge (algorithm to track battery’s state of charge): MAXIM MAX17040

Misc. internals

  • Facial recognition elements (Face Unlock): left eye, right eye, nose base, head, face
  • Available resolution for standard apps: 720 x 1184px
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • LCD Density: 320
  • Default display color depth: 32bit
  • Camera uses OMAP Ducati Subsystem, on-screen preview size is 768 x 576
  • Linux kernel: 3.0.1 compiled for SMP with voluntary kernel preemption for best interactivity
  • Android ROM: version 4.0.1, built October 13, 2011
  • Device name: Maguro
  • Main input/output type supported: Headphone, Speaker, Microphone, Bluetooth, Voice, FM, S/PDIF over HDMI; USB Audio DAC (digital-to-audio converter with USB input and stereo outputs) should also be supported

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Nokia to announce its Windows Phone plans Next week. More OEMs to be announced

Microsoft Andy Less has confirmed today that Nokia will unveil its Windows Phone roadmap next week in London during the Nokia World event. Many are expecting the Nokia 800 aka Nokia Searay to be the company’s first windows Phone handset followed by a lowered end model dubbed the Nokia 703 aka Nokia Sabre. Less has also stated that new Windows Phone OEMs are also going to be announced soon.

Nokia will announce its rollout plans with Windows Phone, among other things. It made an evaluation early on, and saw our roadmap for this year and next year, and it decided to bet the whole company on Windows Phone based on that. We’ve seen that other hardware makers have seen this occurrence as an accelerant, which in turn helps both Microsoft and Nokia. I’m also excited about naming some new OEMs that will be coming onboard.”

I unfortunately won’t be going to Nokia World on the the 26th but should get my hands on a Nokia handset in the weeks to come.

source: AsiaD

First official photos of the Samsung Focus S

The still mysterious Samsung Focus S has finally shown its face courtesy of Microsoft today. The device’s full hardware specifications are still unknown same for it’s European variant that has yet to be announced. The whole design is definitely similar to the original Samsung Galaxy which looked kinda nice but definitely not amazing. on the other hand the Samsung Focus Flash looks identical to the European Samsung Omnia W. Anyway, let’s hope that Samsung get its act together and finally announces/ unveils something in the next few days. More picture after the break:

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