Nokia 800 aka Nokia Searay renders ?

Here are what look to be the first official renders of the soon to be announced Nokia 800 aka Nokia Searay Windows Phone handset. Once again these could be the work of anybody so let’s stay calm and wait for the official announcement on October 26 (contrary to what an MS told me..gotta love those guys too..). In the mean time don’t forget to ask me questions about the HTC Titan if this one grabbed your interest. More pictures after thebreak:

source: pocketnow

  • Mr. Santos

    Look at the apps pinned to the start screen: Nokia Navigation + Nokia Music.
    I don’t know if some guy doing PhotoShop photos would think about that, but it does seem reasonable since Nokia does have their Navteq Maps and Ovi music

  • BucksterMcgee

    So here’s my question or concern… these same renderings keep leaking of Sea ray… but none of any other Nokia phone… so is the Sea ray just easier to leak then images of other devices… or is it the only one that exists to be leaked… meaning one phone design… possible different internals.

    Personally I’m more interested in the other mockups Nokia had early on when they announced the partnership, I hope I see those, and I hope they are the higher end/bigger models.

  • argenys

    Could the leaks of the Nokia 800 be because of the new “Apple like ‘tight ship’ ” and since they personally leaked the sea ray or so it is believed the way it all came about, that they are somehow less strict on how that information is dealt with? And my thoughts are that they will announce 2 phones for this year and give a video of where they believe the partnership is headed. That way they keep in line with their statement of not announcing a phone too early, thus the phone(s) that appear in the video can be things that could change and are stated as “mock” renders so people aren’t necessarily looking for them really soon. Then again that thought doesn’t make too much sense with them releasing a phone that could be overshadowed by the anticipation of the next, just a thought though. And as for the aforementioned 2 phones I believe that they will be the sea ray and the other a lower end Nokia 700 series phone. As low end as they can go before tango is released. But obviosly with good build quality and perhaps a camera that is below the Nokia 800 obviously but maybe at least on par with the best camera phone out now for Windows Phone. I’m personally looking forward to next year when Nokia releases a Nokia 900 series phone with a 4″+ screen and LTE on Verizon, here’s hoping that, that isn’t a pipe dream.