Nokia 800 aka Nokia Searay renders ?

Here are what look to be the first official renders of the soon to be announced Nokia 800 aka Nokia Searay Windows Phone handset. Once again these could be the work of anybody so let’s stay calm and wait for the official announcement on October 26 (contrary to what an MS told me..gotta love those guys too..). In the mean time don’t forget to ask me questions about the HTC Titan if this one grabbed your interest. More pictures after thebreak:

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The HTC Titan is here

Friendly heads up for all of you who interested in the HTC Titan; I just received one today and will post my first impression in the coming days. If you have any question about the handset (hardware, software etc) just post them in the comment section below and I will make sure to answer them. Justin case you ware still wondering: this thing is kinda huge…the SLCD panel is the best so far on any HTC handset but I still want a Super AMOLED Plus display… Anyway, let me know if you want to know anything.

Jet Car Stunts Xbox Live game for Windows Phone released

Microsoft has finally release another great Xbox Live game for Windows Phone 7 today called Jet Car Stunts. As the name implies this is involves cars fitted with Jet engines attempting to make stunts. The whole package is really solid and the graphics are far from being bad. The lighting is especially good and so is the framerate. THe only negatives I can think of is the nasty color banding everywhere and the lack of anti-aliasing. I will try to shoot a video of it running later on to show how that thing looks like on an HTC Titan. In the man time you can download it for $2.99 or try the fairly long trial version before taking the plunge here.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is officially official

Good day folks! The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has now been made official a few hours ago alongside Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. In terms of hardware specifications there’s nothing we didn’t already know yesterday so please refer to this post for the full comprehensive list of the device’s internals and externals. Does it look sexy ? Well that 4.67″ HD Super AMOLED screen is definitely a winner even though the overall design looks relatively close to last year’s Google Nexus S. Inside the beast is a TI OMAP 4460 SoC which includes the well regarded PowerVR SGX540 GPU (clocked higher than the original version) similar to what is powering the just announced Motorola Droid RaZR (early benchmark results here). As we have seen in the full specification yesterday there’s also going to be an LTE version of it which will launch later and bit a tiny bit thicker that the regular GSM variant launching in Asia, Europe and North America in November. The only thing missing is the internal MicroSD slot which isn’t mentioned in the official press release.
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