Windows Phone Arabic support coming in H2 2012. Nokia to launch its Windows Phone in Europe this quarter.

First off, bad news for all you Windows Phone users in the middle east who are still waiting for proper Arabic language support in Windows Phone. According to Tom Farrell, Nokia’s general manager of Lower Gulf. The Arabic support will apparently only come in the second half of 2012 around the same time Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo is expected to launch. The other piece of info is another confirmation that the company’s first Windows Phone will ship in Europe this quarter (no mention of the US again so be prepared to be disappointed..).

“We will launch and start selling this quarter in Europe, because Windows Phone has the language support for European countries. However, it doesn’t support Arabic until second half of next year. We won’t say it’s a launch in this region because it needs Arabic,”

source: Dow Jones via WMPU thanks for the tip CCMD

  • Anonymous

    Sigh, one can only hope.

  • mama mia

    Too bad