HTC and Samsung to increase Windows Phone marketing budgets

Thankfully Microsoft isn’t putting all of its eggs in the same basket and won’t rely only on Nokia to correctly market Windows Phone this fall. According to Andy Less, Samsung and HTC are going to increase the marketing budgets for Windows Phones this year. This is in line with what was announced in the Samsung / Microsoft patent deal a few days ago. Unfortunately we have yet to see any compelling marketing effort around Mango but one can only hope that things will change in the comings weeks.

One thing bothers me though: Where the hell is the Samsung Focus S and its European variant? Samsung has officially only announced the Omnia W which is the European version of the Samsung Focus Flash (that was never really announced by Samsung but only outed by AT&T). One has to wonder if Microsoft is asking them to lay low for a bit until Nokia finally unveils its Windows Phone products…

source: Bloomberg

  • BucksterMcgee

    This is good news and all but what I really want to see in these partners is truly top end hardware.

    Maybe I’m completely mistaken but I have to assume that Android devices with qHD screens and dual core SoC’s have to use more expensive hardware than hardware that’s been around all year, such as the SoC’s that WP7.5 uses. So if they are saving money on screens and SoC’s I want to see that off balanced in every other piece of hardware on the device, most notably in memory storage.

    MicroSD is nice and all but for Windows Phone it would be better just to have a huge slab of NAND memory than the option of expandable storage. I want to see a Samsung Focus S with 32GBs or hell 64GBs of high speed memory. Then the cameras should be absolutely top of the line. Or if they are saving on SoCs and screens, make the devices ridiculously thin, like 5mm-6mm thick. Or have some sort of amazing speaker system, and not just some gimick like the HTC surround. Or, make the phone out of something crazy like titanium or a unobtainium-adamantium composite alloy and show off how you can drop it from 5 feet up compared to an iPhone that will shatter if you sneeze on it wrong.

    The thing is I don’t think Windows Phone 7.5 needs any of this to make the OS any better, because it is wonderful just the way it is on any hardware, but without spectacular hardware there will always be that segment of people who overlook it, because they don’t even give it a chance. If you have something extrodinary, like a super slim phone, mind blowing camera, or ridiculously high storage like 128GBs, then the average everyday customer and even the ignorant sales people at these cellular phone stores will take a look to check it out, then as they are checking it out they will fall in love with the OS. Hell it also helps with those people who get drawn in by advertisments, such as “The World’s Thinest Phone!”, “Better camera than your point and shoot!”, or “Clusmy? There’s a phone for that!”.

    So maybe I’m confused and it’s actual no cheaper to use these older SoC’s and smaller screen sizes, (and no, the price of the OS isn’t a factor of this, it’s a small part of the total price of the phone, and with Android you still have to pay for Google services anyway, not to mention paying for the patents that Android abuses.) or hell maybe somehow it’s more expensive to make a Windows Phone. Hell, even if it were more expensive, I would pay that premium for certain advantages, because hell really just want a huge slab of super fast memory.

    Hopefully Nokia blows us out of the water, but I don’t want to overhype it, because that’s an easy way to be disappointed when the SeaRay comes out and it doesn’t turn into a plane and fly me to my own private island. Also, the Samsung Focus S could still have a few surprises since all the specs aren’t known, but I guess we won’t know until they decide to release it.

  • Me

    well said sir!