Microsoft confirms Dual-Core and LTE Windows Phones coming in the future

I think that we all knew that this would be the case but just in case you doubted it Microsoft’s Andy Lees has recently confirmed that future Windows Phones’ probably running Apollo Windows Phone 8) will support Dual-Core SoCs and LTE networks. As of right now Windows Phone 7 only supports single core SoC and frankly isn’t in need of anything more powerful given that the current crop of devices (the new MSM8255 based one and older QSD8250 phones) are smoother and more responsive than any Dual-core Android handset currently on the market.

“They’re all single core, but I suspect that they will be faster in usage than any dual-core phone that you put against it, and that’s the point,” But, he insisted, Microsoft isn’t opposed to dual-core chips, but wanted to wait until the software was more ready to take advantage of multiple cores.

As far I know, and I could be wrong here, the current CE Kernel used in Windows Phone doesn’t support Dual CPU configurations so we aren’t missing much anyway. That’s why I’m thinking that we may have to wait until Windows Phone 8. Lees also added that LTE handsets are also planned:

“The first LTE phones were big and big (users) of the battery, and I think it’s possible to do it in a way that is far more efficient, and that’s what we will be doing,”

What does Dual-Core + LTE reminds me of ? The Qualcomm MSM8960 that is slated to hit the market next year. As I said in that particular post, I would be surprised if Microsoft decided to leapfrog the Snapdragon S3 chipsets and go straight to the S4 in late 2012. If not then we should probably expect them to certify the MSM8260 + the MDM9600 multi-modem radio..

source: WSJ

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they are great but you don´t deliver to many countries (Mexico), 1 carrier only, 1 model only. The problem is not to have a product is deliver & sell the product. Again many carriers & many models with many plans. Really people the carrier dictates de rules as I see from here. This market in special you have problems of massification & timetomarket! But well time will said. Samsung Galaxy II S first buy. Sorry! More than a year waiting for a decent phone from Microsoft!

  • DavidinCT

    Come on Verizon !!! This fall, a 4.3″ dual core (for those games) LTE WP7 device with a front camera(and a really good rear camera) and a  QWERTY slider in a very slim design.

    This is verizon, I can stop dreaming now.. If it was Android, it would happen.

  • EM

    Windows CE 7 with dual-core support and up to 3 GB of physical RAM was released in March. That’s certainly not enough time to get it into Mango. Perhaps Tango, but more likely Windows Phone 8 alongside Snapdragon S4. 

    One thing to note is that Windows Phone 7 uses a customized version of CE 6, as CE 6 only supports 512 MB RAM and the HTC HD7 uses 576 MB of RAM. And the ZuneHD on CE 6, for instance, used a Tegra APX 2600 and ARM11 MPCore which had: an ARM11 and low-power ARM7 + 6 other cores for GPU stuff.My only tech spec want is the screen. It’s pretty clear that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support any scaling technology for different resolutions so any new resolution is going to be the standard one going forward. Given that what I’d love to see is a jump straight to 720p screens for Windows Phone 8 (skipping qHD). We’re just starting to see a couple come out now on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II HD but it seems reasonable for them to be widespread by late 2012. I’d take qHD on those October Nokia phones ideally, but if we’re waiting until 2012 for a resolution bump it has to be 720p.