Samsung Google Nexus Prime hands on video and Android 4.0 screenshots

The blurry cam is back in full force today with the first video of the Samsung Google Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus or Samsung i9250..) alongside a handful of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) screenshots. It definitely looks like the the screen curvature is similar to the Nexus S (only the glass is curved not the display panel itself). The are tons of conflicting hardware specifications floating around lately so I won’t post them here the only thing that is somewhat confirmed is the 1280×720 screen resolution. I’m not really sure about that but the 3 “hardware” buttons and the bottom of the screen seems to actually be onscreen icons ? Anyway, everything will be known on October 11th anyway. Hit the break to check out the video and the Android 4.0 screenshots:


  • JP

    now android has got my attention – the screenshots look clean. 

  • Anonymous

    Uh, was that thing kind of unresponsive or is it just me? 

  • Anonymous

    Droooling! I want this!