Exchange 2003 bug in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Several readers have alerted me about an annoying bug introduced in Widows Phone 7.5 Mango when replaying to mails in an Exchange 2003 inbox:

When replying to an email in a Exchange 2003 inbox on the phone(OS 7.5-7.10.7720.68) the original email text is not included in the sent reply.

Please report this back to Microsoft by voting here. Hopefully the boys in Redmond will be able to quickly release a hotfix for it. If any of you Mango users noticed some other deal breaking bug just post in the comments below and also report it on Microsoft’s uservoice site.

  • Anonymous

    is exchange the same as outlook account? I have my outlook email logged in and it doesn’t have this problem..

  • Anonymous

    It seems since the Mango update that my Outlook email will no longer show the number of unread emails on the lock screen. Hotmail works fine, I never see anything for Outlook though.

  • Soosan

    I read that this problem only occurs with Exchange 2003 and SP1.
    Should be fixed with SP2, which is the only version Windows Phone supports.