One Third of the HTC devices sold are Windows Phones

According to HTC, Windows Phones make up 30 percent of their sales the rest being Android powered handsets. Ironically this was the other way around not long ago when the Taiwanese manufacture went from being an exclusively Windows Mobile OEM to the first Android manufacturer (recently outclassed by Samsung). HTC’s manager in Singapore, Melvin Chua also believes that “Windows Phone 7 will eventually be better than other platforms and will give Android a run for its money”. This obliviously remains to be seen and only an good marketing campaign can effectively make things rosier for Redmond’s camp this fall.

Nokia is said to prepare a big ad campaign for its first Windows Phones and Samsung’s recent deal with Microsoft also includes participation in the platforms marketing. Unfortunately we have yet to see any thing new on this front so far…

source: Forbes

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I find that very, very hard to believe, what with HTC being one of the biggest Android manufacturers out there. I’d love for WP to gain some well-deserve recognition, but so far reception has been pretty tame.