Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 7

A placeholder for the official Nokia Maps (AKA Ovi Maps) application has briefly appeared in the Windows Phone Marketplace yesterday. As you can see in the screenshots which are contained in the dummy application, the application is essentially a Metro-fied version of what is already available on Nokia’s smartphones. As previously announced by Nokia this one will be exclusive to Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets the Searay and Sabre.

I must admit that this is great for those who which to have a really nice mapping experience on Windows Phone this fall but one the other hand I’m a bit disappointed that all those Nokia assets are not integrated in Bing Maps yet. Anyway you can grab the xap file at the source link below.

source: WPXAP thanks to everybody who sent this in.

  • Anonymous

    its about time, bing maps is horrible, especially on the windows phones with no transit directions and horrible worldwide support.

    wish we had google maps, i miss street view, transit directions+times, and up to date listings. UGH