How to get AllShare DLNA to work the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus

A relatively easy trick enables you to bypass the current restriction put in place to allow the Allshare DLNA application to work on the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus devices:

- Connect you device to a WiFi network
- Launch the Allshare app and instantly hit the start/home button of your device (before the error message pops up
- Navigate back to the Allshare application by long pressing on the back button and selecting it in the fast application switching view
- Voila you’re done

I just did it and it works like a charm but I sincerely hope that Samsung updates it though.

UPDATE: Actually it doesn’t properly work at all. The application in its current state doesn’t have access to the multimedia files stored on the device. You can only use is as a remote control to playback files that are shared on a network.

source: YouTube via MonWindowsphone thanks for the tip Gilles


  • Susan Liberi

    LOL, I thought this is a joke. What have they been thinking while creating the app.

  • Sheeds

    Yeah – I could not get it to access any of my files….not sure if this is an API issue / firmware / hardware or what?  It finds devixes OK, and as you mentioned, can control my TV volume etc – so partial DLNA functionality is there…

  • Arelamo

    I love how the Samsung Zone got incompatible apps… 

  • DreithCono

    Also note, after the AllShare update to, the back arrow “workaround” no longer works. It seems Samsung became aware people on the Focus were using it and officially prevented them from using the app for anything