Microsoft desperately fights Windows Phone Marketplace spam with no effect

Back in June Microsoft decided to limit bulk application publishing to 20 per day for a single developer account to fight the gigantic amount of crappy spammy applications polluting the Windows Phone Marketplace. As I said back then:

I personally think that 20 apps a day is still way too much. I can’t see a legitimate developer publishing 20 quality application in a single day…

Well things didn’t really go well so Microsoft is now announcing that bulk-publishing is going to be limited to 10 apps per day. But I’m going to repeat myself here and say that 10 apps a day is still way too much. I can’t see a legitimate developer publishing 21 quality application in a single day…. Spammers and scammers now have multiple developers accounts and are finding new ways to workaround this silly limitation. Here’s what should be done: 1 app per week.

source: Microsoft

  • TroyGates

    In my opinion, it should be 1 app per day and unlimited updates per app once the app is on the marketplace.

  • MVIM

    I could see publishing a free and paid version of an app at the same time. I’d say 2 or 3 publications per week is sufficient. If a big publisher (whose legitimacy is established, like Rovio) needs more, perhaps they can get a waiver from Microsoft to go to 5 or 10 per week.

  • Anonymous

    I agree… I dont see any reason for anyone to publish 10 apps a day… no matter what…1-2 a day or week at max…

  • BucksterMcgee

    How about we find don’t just limit app publishing and go after the actual problem, these individuals spammers. Change the app agreement that you have to have X amount of content in your app and add that abuse of the system will resort to warning, and then a ban if the warning is not heeded, without a refund. The ban can be further than dev accounts and include payment accounts, ip address, etc, so it’s not as easy to simply make a new account. That would actually crack down on spammers… not just slow them down.