Samsung and Google to unveil Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime on October 11th

No matter what happens between Microsoft and Samsung, the Korean handset maker is still for the time being Google’s biggest Android partner and as such they are both apparently going to unveil the latest iteration of the Android OS dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich and the rumored Google Nexus Prime on October 11th during CTIA in San Diego. This event is obviously meant to kill the iPhone 5 buzz which will start on October 4th and the only unknown yet is the date of Nokia’s unveiling of its first Windows Phone. It’s widely accepted that this will happen during Nokia World on October 26th but we’ve also heard contradicting info saying that this wouldn’t happen there. Only time will tell but If I was Microsoft or Nokia I wouldn’t wait 3 weeks after the iPhone 5 and Android 4 is announced to counter both especially now that Mango is out and that the first handsets are going to hit retail and carriers.

source: This is my next

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