Samsung Focus S snapped in the Wild. Still no official pictures and full specifications

One has to wonder why AT&T jumped the gun and decided to announce the Samsung Focus S ans Samsung Focus Flash before both devices were ready to be unveiled by Samsung. As of right now we still don’t know much about the Focus S full hardware specification besides what AT&T talked about in its press release and the only pictures we have are the screen caps taken from the WPC surprise showing a few months ago and this new one above (the Storage amount is still a mystery, same for the Ram).

Prior to today’s Samsung Omnia W announcement we didn’t know much about the Samsung Focus Flash either, but given that its is simply the US variant of the devices announced earlier in the morning you the same specs apply to it (probably not the casing design though. Samsung has yet to announce the European variant of the Focus S which is surely going to be a bestseller thanks to it’s 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen.

source: pocketnow

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    Sure it got 16 Gb and 512 Mb RAM like all other WP7 devices, it is strange that the HTCs with Android and MSM8255 have 768 MB RAM and the HTCs with WP7 and MSM8255 have 512 Mb RAM :s