Verizon Windows Phone Mango roll out also starting on September 27th?

Take this one with a grain of salt because according to a Verizon chat-room rep the WCDMA HTC Trophy Mango update will be pushed on the same day as AT&T; September 27th. Once again you should take this with some caution knowing that support folks usually don’t know much about theses kinds of stuff. In either cases you can already update your HTC 7 Trophy if you are in Europe or in the US on Verizon by flashing with the final Firmware which has leaked a few days ago (edit: nope, looks like Verizon’s final firmware is newer than the one that leaked!).

via wpcentral thanks for the tip guys

  • Darkstar1756

    this better be true!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. I’ve got a VZW Trophy that’s aching for some sweet tropical fruity goodness.

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  • argenys

    Can you please show me what is different from the leaked firmware to the official verizon one? I am looking at my phone and all the numbers on the form match it.