Samsung releases another Mango application: Funshot

Samsung is on a roll this time around and has just released another Windows Phone 7 Mango application today called Funshot. This application lets you take pictures with effects applied to them in realtime in the viewfinder (bulge, swirl, stretch, squeeze etc.) and works  back-facing or front facing camera. Nothing really essential here but this time I can’t really complain about Samsung not supporting its Windows Phone 7 users. My only hope is that the DLNA Allshare application is made compatible with the Samsung Omnia7 and Focus.

The Funshot app can be download from the marketplace if you have a Samsung device and search for it (doesn’t show up in the Samsung Zone)

  • Imperial Dynamics

    The Omnia7 and the Focus do not have DLNA. That is a hardware feature and cannot be enabled if it isn’t there. The only first gen wp with DLNA is the LG Optimus 7

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a source that UPnP is a hardware feature?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Actually DLNA is purely software and HTC has enabled it on all of its WP7 handsets with the Mango Media Connected application.

  • JP

    when is Samsung going to officially announce their new wave WP7 devices, same to Nokia – now i am looking at the TITAN :( – I had vowed never to get another HTC device, but now am weak without their announcements and avail-abilities …