T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G in the wild

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that T-Mobile was getting the HTC Radar in the US after AT&T announced that it would carry the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash. The HTC Radar 4G is simply a regular Radar with the 4G added in the name simply because T-Mobile market its HSPA+ compatible phones this way. The carrier has yet to officially announce it but things shouldn’t take long now that the Mango roll out will debut in the coming weeks.

There’s still some unanswered questions regarding the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash given that we have yet to see any official render of picture of both devices. The question is who is going to offer the Nokia Sea Ray handset once it lunches next month and will be be available in the US.

source: Tmonews

  • Anonymous

    Too bad, I was really hoping T-Mo would get the Titan.  I don’t like all the wasted plastic on the Radar.  It’s got a weird shape, too; probably hard to find a good case.  Well this just sucks.