Don't mess with Nokia's secret Windows Phone

I can understand companies having strict policies about internal leaks especially Microsoft who’s constantly the “victim” of such things but this one caught me by surprise: Joe Marini, Principal Program Manager for Windows Phone (the IE9/HTML5 dev head) has just quit the company’s when he got informed that he was going to be fired apparently because of his recent tweets about the Nokia Sea Ray (here). Ouch.. One thing’s for sure though; that “Apple like” secrecy policy that Nokia talked about a few months ago is in full effect.

As I posted last week my sources told me that the handset should start shipping in mid-october (I’m awaiting more info on this but what just happened with Joe will surely make this more complicated)

source: Geekwire

  • Anonymous

    What will/has generated more publicity for Windows Phone 7.5:  1)Principal Program Manager’s tweets, 2)Microsoft advertizing department 3)CNET reviewers. 
    Hell Katy Perry has a BB even though she was with Maroon5 for Windows Phone launch party last year, I don’t even know what ever happened with NBA player Blake Griffin’s experience.
    My point is just here in US I see space in which that 1.5 Billion on advertising should be spent during NFL, Dancing with the Stars, College Football, Rugby World Cup.  Hell even a Kardashian would generate more buzz.  All the potential placements, and the only ones who see the adds are us who add Microsoft for tweets aka speaking to the choir.
    If Microsoft/Nokia actually believe their beautiful product will live or die based on Joe Marini’s tweets, they need to Wake Up.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Unfortunately Microsoft’s marketing has always been abyssal (besides the Xbox brand) and things don’t seem to change this time around. Windows Phone X will never be a success without a successful marketing campaign but this is something that the suits in Redmond can’t seem to understand. Counting on a handful of dedicated blogs isn’t going to cut it. Last year’s WP7 launch was a total disaster.

  • Anonymous

    You are correct: I don’t own an Xbox 360 but Gears of War looked damn good.  Hire those people to sell Windows Phone :/  They have the right idea, and even celebs who don’t play that game tweeted about it today.  #can’t really be that hard to sell.

  • Malcolm Williams

    It got in and it got out. Thankfully

  • Ef Jay

    Should have had a Gears WP7 app as well, get even more gamers aware and possibly on board.