French mobile operator SFR ready for Mango roll out

SFR which is the french equivalent of Vodafone is apparently ready for the Mango roll out if you have one of their branded HTC 7 Trophy handsets.  The screenshot above is from the carriers client interface describe how to plug in the device into the PC to update the phone and lists the firmware version 2250.21.40600.163 (SFR’s my carrier so I was able to verify it and take screenshot myself). But there’s a catch… there’s no update yet because the roll out hasn’t started yet. The “continue” icon simply leads to the Microsoft’s Windows Phone website. Anyway, only a few more days and Mango will be free available to all of you fruit lovers.

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No XNA support for Metro applications in Windows 8

Just a little heads up in case you are an XNA developer dreaming of developing multiplatform games for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and / or Xbox: XNA is not supported for developing Metro style applications in Windows 8. XNA applications will be treated as classic desktop applications in the new OS but XNA is still the recommend route for developing Xbox Live Arcade and Windows Phone games. Here are Microsoft’s recommendations for developing games targeting Windows 8′s Metro:

DirectX gaming power underlies Windows 8, so you have several options when creating Metro style game
apps. You can write full-screen, chrome-free games with smooth, flicker-free action using HTML5, JavaScript,
and CSS3. Or, write impressive 2D and lightweight 3D games using XAML with managed C# or Visual Basic.
You can also use the full processing abilities of modern graphics hardware using native C++ and HLSL
with DirectX 11.1.

Create immersive games using the power of DirectX
The new Windows 8 graphics stack is better integrated, making Direct2D, Direct3D, and DirectCompute
components easier to use together and requiring fewer duplicated resources than before. Capabilities
previously available only in XNA, such as DirectXMath, XAudio2, and XInput, are now available. For the
ultimate experience in gaming and video, use DirectX 11.1 to bring stereoscopic 3D to your apps.

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