Blurry pictures aren't proof of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango roll out

Got to love baseless rumors and blurry pictures. Lot’s Mango rumors apparently originating from Orange France lately…the latest is blurry picture which is said to be from somebody who sent out his phone for repair at Orange France and got it back from them with Windows Phone 7.5 pre-loaded on it. Well, the first thing I did was to look up the device firmware and strangely this is exactly the same as the official NoDo one that was pushed out back on July 21st:

- Firmware Rev
- Hardware Rev
- Radio Software
- Radio Hardware
- Bootloader Ver
- Chip SOC

So what with have here is essentially a device with the RTM code (which has leaked a little while ago..) running on it. Either LG isn’t going to update it’s Optimus 7 firmware for Mango which I find a bit unlikely given that HTC and Samsung are updating them or Orange’s repair center is having some fun…or this is simply a picture of somebody’s device with the leaked Mango RTM code on it with a nice little story attached to it. You be the judge but we won’t have long to wait given that fall is when all the action begins.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I love about this blog, no bullshit reports and teaching WMPU some more Blogging 101.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well, I thought that it it would be logical to check out the firmware version in the blurry pic before posting the story. :) It’s still possible that some doofus at Orange France’ repair center decided to flash it to RTM before sending it back but it’s also even more probable that this is fake. In either case it’s a non-event given that the roll out will debut shortly and that anybody who is eager to play with Mango is already officially (dev account) or unofficially running it (leaked firmware, leaked RTM code..)

  • Malcolm Williams

    not exactly
    Samsung did it to my focus. Dell did it quite a few times where users would receive a nice updated device as a refurbished unit. I’m not saying that Orange did it in this case, but its happened before

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup that’s why I never said that it was never done. Samsung also did it with the Omnia 7 (firmware’s were updated when sent to repair). But as I said in this case it is in no way indicative of anything (the roll out being imminent or proof that the Sept1 5 rumors were true etc..). The fact that the Firmware hasn’t been changed in the picture above tends to put this in the fake territory given that the Camera drivers have to be updated to properly work with Bing Vision and add proper touch to focus to the camera app.

  • Malcolm Williams

    that’s true very true camera does have to be updated with a firmware pack to get a lot to work. That’s a very good point. But many MANY mobile pages report silly things a lot. Sadly…
    anyone remember the HD3 rumored specs of late 2009?