ST-Ericsson still hoping to be invited to the Windows Phone party

Desperate much ? Well this is understandable when you start losing your number one client (Nokia in this case). Back in February ST-Ericsson quickly claimed that its SoCs were going to support  Windows Phone 7 and the Qualcomm’s exclusivity won’t last long and I pointed out at the time that this was simply PR damage control and wishful thinking on the company’s part. ST-Ericsson later changed its tune in May and claimed that it will finally only supply SoC for Nokia’s Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, the report and quotes where so misleading Nokia had to issue a press release on the same day to set the record straight: Qualcomm was still the only SoC Manufacturer for Windows Phone and that STE was simply in talks with Nokia for it’s future handsets.

Today’s the third time that the company has decided to talk about this subjects and fortunately they seem to be more grounded in reality:

In software, ST-Ericsson is playing catch up with the shift by Nokia. It does not expect to support Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handsets, but it has put a team in place to support Windows Phone 8 on its chips.

No more bold claims here saying that XXX Company’s devices will have our chips inside etc. If you remember just a few days ago NVIDIA made a similar claim noting that they are currently working on Windows Phone support for late 2012/early 2013. The only difference here is that unlike NVIDIA, ST-E isn’t even a Windows 8 certified SoC partner. Finally the one thing to remember is that Microsoft is the going to make the last call and that nothing seems to have been decided yet. All Windows Phone 7.X device will be exclusively powered by Qualcomm but the jury is still out on the future Windows Phone 8 Apollo products which are realistically expected to start shipping in more than a year.

source: eetimes via WMPU