SkyDrive unlimited Photos and documents storage coming soon

According to recent rumors the upcoming Wave 5 update of Microsoft Live services will include unlimited SkyDrive storage for Photos and Office documents in addition to the current 2GB of cloud storage available to any Live/Hotmail/msn account:

- Unlimited storage space for all Office documents
- Unlimited storage space for all photos
- 25 GB of free storage for everything else

This is only one of the new SkyDrive features that are said to be part of the Wave 5 update. Among them are better device integration,Windows, Mac, iOS and Android client applications and multiple file selection.

in case you missed them there are already several unofficial SkyDrive “features” that can be used in the Windows Phone 7 Mango:

- Skydrive Video Streaming in Windows Phone 7 Mango
- SkyDrive Music Streaming in Mango

source: Liveside

  • Anonymous

    Kind of off-topic, but…Live/Hotmail/MSN/SkyDrive were all down a few days ago.  I had appointments on my laptop that I desperately needed to transfer to my WP7, but couldn’t.  I would really love some way of directly synching my phone to other devices, either for storage or general Outlook business.  Cloud computing still doesn’t sit right with me as far as dependability.  Even it the MS websites don’t go down, there’s no telling when my ISP will be, or when I might be in an area where phone signal is weak or absent (try syncing your laptop and phone while on an airplane).

  • Anonymous

    As you know, currently WP relies on the Cloud to sync all your devices automatically. Nevertheless, I am told (by MS Dev evangelists) they are aware of this “gap” and this feature is definately comming (did not make it in mango) because Enterprises require this feature (I think they mentined it on different occasions). Not sure, if this info helps you in any way…

  • Anon

    Will we be able to upload from our phones without compression now?