Samsung releases High Fidelity Position Compass and GLONASS application for its Windows Phone Mango handsets

Samsung has just released a new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango application named High Fidelity Position which is said to improve the user’s geo-location with the use of the device’s, Compass, Accelerometer and the Russian GLONASS satellite constellation (wonder how this works and if this means that future Samsung handsets will feature a GLONASS receiver). Once the application is installed it will modify the device’s setting screen and add a High Fidelity Position option at the bottom:

You will then have the choice to activate the compass/accelerometer feature and GLONASS option. The application can be found in the marketplace if you have a Samsung Focus or Samsung Omnia 7 running Mango. Just search for it (it’s not in the Samsung Zone).

  • Mr1macuk

    Errrr Samsung Omnia 7 already has GLONASS in chipset. This app enables it. Fixes a lot quicker than gps and is so accurate the little possition variance circle you see in Bing maps on gps is totally gone showing accuracy in region of + or – 1ft.

    What a fantastic little extra Samsung :) nice support.

    This app makes my phone (1st phone ever) faster to fix and more accurate than my dedicated god. Very cool indeed.


  • MobileTechWorld

    AFAIK The QSD8250 SoC in the Omnia 7 doesn’t support GLONASS. THe MSM7X30 and MSM8X55 do support GLONASS with a specific software update (search for the ZTE MTS 945 smartphone). How really knows what’s going own here though… Will have to wait for Samsung’s official confirmation on this.