HTC Locations, HTC Connected Media (DLNA) and HTC Watch Windows Phone 7 Mango application released

HTC has just released two of its newest Windows Phone 7.5 Mango applications today. The HTC Watch video rental/streaming service application came out last week and today both the HTC Locations and HTC Connected Media apps are finally ready to be downloaded. The HTC Locations application is more or else a WP7 port of the old HTC Footprints stuff that was introduced a while ago on Windows Mobile 6. Nothing really super exciting. The second app is the most interesting one: HTC Connected Media is the DLNA media sharing hub that will allow you to broadcast your device’s multimedia content (Music, videos, pictures) on any DLNA equipped hardware (TV, Windows 7 / Vista PC etc). Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work on current Windows Phone 7 HTC handsets but may be operational if you have flashed yours with the released leaked firmwares.

Please report back your findings if you currently have an HTC handset running the leaked firmware and the HTC Connect application. It will be interesting to know if DLNA is working on the first generation of handsets and not only artificially restricted to the HTC Titan and HTC Radar (as this is only a software thing and shouldn’t require any additional hardware).
UPDATE: According to IAN in the comments below DLNA works if your HTC handsets is running the latest firmware.

source: Marketplace via wpcentreal

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    It works on my flashed Trophy (music, pictures and only MP4 works) , but the HTC Watch didnt work and now it doesn’t even appear on the marketplace.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Ah thanks for the info! What do you mean by “only MP4?”. Only videos shot with the device’s camera  and not videos that you loaded from your PC (using the Zune client) ?

    The HTC Watch app will be up and running once we get closer to the launch of the Titan and Radar (it was thee same when it launched on the HTC Flyer IIRC)

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    I mean that you can’t see on the device .AVI videos for example (from the PC). And the HTC Watch i downloaded this when i was with the 7714 and when i opened the app, it just came 2 trailers (wich i could not see), and then came the v1.1, and then what happened was that it showed a error message saying “This is not an HTC device or the device is banned or not available” (something like this), and now with the 7720 it doenst even appear on the marketplace… let’s see what happens.

  • Brandon

    anybody seeing different behavior since the mango push yesterday?

  • Richard Scheffrin

    I was able to watch a few AVI videos, but all of my MP4′s do not work.  Haven’t been able to find a list of supported Codecs ont he web.  Would like to know what my options are.  I am on a HD7 on Mango.  Love the idea, but so far 90% of the apps, online or local DLNA content do not play.  We need a PlayOn app for Wp7.