HTC HD7, HTC Trophy, HTC 7 Pro and HTC Mozart Mango Firmwares leaked

Several HTC Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Roms have just leaked on XDA-Devs. The device’s concerned are the HTC HD7 (Europe), HTC 7 Trohpy (Europe, HTC Trophy (Verizon), HTC 7 Mozart (Europe and US), and finally the HTC 7 Pro (Europe):

- HTC 7 Pro : RUU_Gold_S_HTC_Europe_3.02.401.01_Radio_5.69.09.29 a_22.50.50.21_Signed_GOLD_RELEASE.exe here
- HTC Mozart: RUU_Mozart_S_HTC_Europe_4.06.401.00_5.69.09_RELEASE.exe here
- HTC Mozart: RUU_Mozart_S_HTC_RUS_4.06.411.00_5.69.09_RELEASE.exe here
- HTC HD7: RUU_Schubert_S_HTC_Europe_4.05.401.02_Radio_5.69.09.29a_22.50.50.21_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE.exe here
- HTC Trophy: RUU_Spark_S_HTC_Europe_4.06.401.00_5.69.09_RELEASE.exe here
- HTC Trophy Verizon: RUU_Spark_W_S_VERIZON_WWE_2.01.605.04_2K_new_partition_RELEASE.exe here

Once again flash you device at your own risk knowing that this will void your warranty and please report back here in the comment if you find anything interesting in there. The whole process seems to be a bit complicated because the devices apparently have to be unbranded. Please follow the instruction at the source link below.

source: XDA thanks to everybody who sent this in

  • Kim Kristensen

    Is it the same as Samsung got earlier ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah it’s the “equivalent”.