SGH i708: modified Samsung Omnia 7 with front facing camera and added hardware button

What appears like a modified version of the current Samsung Omnia 7 was submitted to the FCC back in March 8 2011. The SGH-708 looks for the most part identical to the original GT-I8700 but sport what looks like a front facing camera and an added hardware button on the left side. Internally the device looks identical to the Omnia 7 and the battery cover notes that it is an i8700. The battery is also exactly the same 1500mAh model (SN :  GB/TI82787-2000). From the looks of it this could either be the US version of the Omnia 7 (which was only released in Europe and Asia) because this deice supports WCDAM and CDMA bands….or it could simply be a development handset/prototype handset like the LG Panther, HTC Mazaa, Asus E600, Samsung Taylor (all were certified by the FCC..). Check out more picture after the break:

Nothing to get excited about here…yet

source: FCC via phonearena

  • Anonymous

    Why would an 8 months old Windows Phone have a FFC?

  • Michal Vacha

    Looks like a switch.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Every electronic device that will be used on US soil (retail/prototype etc) has to pass the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification.

  • MobileTechWorld


  • Mr. Santos

    I wonder what that extra button on the left does….
    I sure hope this makes it big in the US, easily the best looking and solidly built Windows Phone market. Time for the Americans to share our opinion..

  • Anonymous

    Please bring this to sprint 

  • Hubert Hammack

    This is just sad effort on Samsung’s part. If I was Microsoft, I would start threatening OEMs and carriers with Windows 8. I would let them know that if you don’t support Windows Phone, you don’t get Windows 8 in any form whatsoever. See how they like that. See how Samsung will like only having Chrome OS or Android on their laptops, netbooks, desktops, etc.

  • Sudheesengupta

    where can we buy this unlocked ?