The Marketplace has less unique applications than you thought

courtesy of J.Angel

Still wondering why I don’t bother posting about the total number of applications every time the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace reaches a certain milestone ? Well here’s a fairly good reason. Justin Angel actually took the time to download every application currently published on the Windows Phone Marketplace and came up with some really interesting statistics numbers. The best one is the following: 18 549. That’s the number of unique applications currently available for purchase/download (at the time he did his research) . This essentially means that out of 24 505 apps he downloaded, 6881 apps were clones.

Clone apps include can Books, RSS readers, multiple version of the same app (trial/free/premium/full/whatever) etc. This “issue” isn’t Windows Phone specific at all and is also present in the iOS marketplace where 14% of its application catalog is made of “ebooks” and also the Android Market which is filled with copy/cats and other intellectual property infringing content (blatant rip offs of other apps etc..). Anyway there’s more interesting stuff to learn about the current state of the Marketplace here. It’s the quality that counts…

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU LORD, somebody notices that. The problem is, we (me and other angry developers) have submitted this problem/issue to Brandon Watson and others only to be shunted like we’re annoying people.

    But that’s the norm apparently. You can either suck it up and praise Microsoft for everything they do, including screwing your work, and you will probably get some attention and care. OR, you can try -politely, informatively, usefully- to pinpoint some issues with the new platform and they look at you like you’re the plague…

  • Hubert Hammack

    As you said, this is also prevalent in iOS and even more so in Android. This is always going to happen in any app market place like this. So ultimately who cares? Developers should worry about putting out great apps, and stop worry about clones or whatever. If your app is a good one, consumers will find them.

    “But that’s the norm apparently. You can either suck it up and praise
    Microsoft for everything they do, including screwing your work”

    Oh please! How is Microsoft screwing your work? Is Apple and Google screwing your work too? Because I can assure you their markets are filled with clones and duplicates as well. Microsoft isn’t screwing anything. Nobody is going to completely get rid of clones. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with clones. Should Windows Marketplace be limited to only one RSS Reader, or one GPS app? Of course not. Stop whining because other developers make apps in the same category you do.

    For what it’s worth, Windows Phone has surpassed 30,000 apps, not 25,000. I’d suggest if he downloaded 25,000 apps, he has entirely too much time on his hands.

  • Anonymous

    ^ This.