Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango firmware released

If you are a Samsung Omnia 7 owners who isn’t afraid to void your device’s warranty just get you self ready to flash with te first Mango firmware later today. An engineering version I8700XXKH2 dated August will soon be leaked for our own pleasure. A flash able version of the I8700XXKD1 NoDo firmware dated April will also be leaked just in case you want to mess with it. Just keep in mind that both firmwares are not official releases, especially the Mango one which seems to be the RC1 of the final code slated to be rolled out later this year. Which should expect update SoC, Motion sensors and Camera drivers though.

Firmware: I8700XXKH2. (Mango)
Filesize: 355+/- MB (.rar file)
XX = Europe
K = 2011
H = August
2 = Version

Depending on when it’s leaked I’ll try to update you on the situation, try to flash my handset and report back my findings.

Update: is now out and available here. From the looks of it the whole thing may not be worth the effort (remember this is just an engineering firmware with the RTM OS code that we already have). The firmware version seems to be a tiny jump from the KC1 firmware (2424.11.3.1 vs 2424.11.8.2) and the Radio went from 2424.11.2.2 to 2424.11.7.2.

Update: Don’t worry though, I’ll post back my findings once it’s all said and done. Don’t hesitate to report back in the comments below though.

Update: You can download the modified flasher here if you wish to install this T-Mobile engineering firmware.

Update: I flashed it on my handset. Check out my first impressions here.

via samfirmware

  • Guest

    The firmware has been released, does not work for retail devices :(

  • Anonymous

    How do you flash an engineering firmware?

  • MobileTechWorld

    No clue yet. Will report back

  • Mr. Santos

    so how did you do it?
    Is it just the normal way with the WP7 downloader ver 7.41?

  • Guest

    follow @SFUnlock on twitter by 1000 followers he will release his tool! for flashing I8700!

  • Errorholic

    Hi please make a news message about this tweet. I think many Omnia 7 users want Mango!!/SamFirmware/status/110412343162318849

  • Agile Hobo

    Get the Flash tool from here

    Try it with your own risk. I didn’t try it yet.

  • Khalid Al Marri

    I installed everything. Drivers and everything and when I setup WP7 downloader, I can’t start flashing. Am I missing anything? should I unlock the phone or something? should I keep Zune open or what? I want this desperately please help me.

  • Trond Bie

    I get error that the device does not match image, this after beeing in download mode and installing the drivers. zune is also not open. coming from nodo.

  • bajanx

    I tried with no luck.  Coming from 7712.  When I open the WP7 USB Image downloader every box is empty and no files are in the log.