The Nokia Sea Ray won't be announced at Nokia World

Before posting my HTC Titan and HTC Radar hands on impression I wanted to talk about something interesting that a Microsoft rep told during the HTC Event a few minutes ago. I specifically asked him about the Nokia Sea Ray announcement and the Nokia World event taking place in London on October 26th because I anted to know if this was the date and location of Nokia’s first Windows Phone unveiling. HE was obviously reluctant to answer this question but finally told me that Nokia World wasn’t going to be it and that there is another other specific event scheduled for the device’s launch (before or after Oct 26th?). This is obviously not an official statement so please take with a grain salt but given today’s HTC event , the launch of the Fujitsu IS12T last week I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia does something prior to Nokia world.

  • Anonymous

    It’s looking more and more like Nokia won’t release this phone this year.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, no Sea Ray at Nokia World this October BUT they WILL show atleast one WP at Nokia World. To be frank, the Sea Ray isn’t the Nokia WP I was looking for anyway :)

  • Simo El

    Dear God I hope it’s before Nokia World :( . Judging by that 703 poster leak though, it may very well be after. Any chance at all we see a Nokia WP7 unveiling at IFA? Nokia is participating after all.