First HTC Radar video

Looks like T-Mobile Germany had a little Mango event earlier today (edit: it’s actually TMO’s booth at the IFA event..) where the HTC Omega Mango handset was on display. As you will see in the video below the device looks identical to the renders we saw last week (besides the old Windows Phone logo). The device apparently features a 3.8″ SLCD screen and only 8GB of internal storage. The handset shown in the video is running a pre-production firmware but you will notice that HTC has apparently ported its HTC Watch video streaming service to Windows Phone 7. The German T-Mobile version will also ship with the Navigon GPS navigation application pre-installed :

I’ll obviously try to get my hands on this phone later today.

source: thanks for the tip Nicos

  • Viruela22

    grip comes this item in black?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Will try to find this out tonight. But it definitely looks like there’s only a white SKU right now.

  • Lamar Morgan

    looks good wonder if Skype installed ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Doesn’t look like it’s the case on this pre-production device. What would be interesting to know is if the Skype application which is still set to launch this fall, will integrate video chat in its first iteration or not.

  • Ef Jay

    So its a white trophy? And this looks good? Could just as well just change the colour of their current devices and call them “new”. Man, I really hate this company, regarded as the best yet they always do the bare minimum. How come people cant see this?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well, it’s Trophy with an MSM8255, SLCD screen, probably better camera optics and front facing cam. That’s a relatively good “update” for a mid-range WP7 device IMO. The 8GB of storage utterly sucks though…

  • Ef Jay

    Doesnt mean they couldnt redesign the case with a new look. They just dont bother anymore, and we know htc screens and cameras are not the best quality so that makes no difference. I guess I’m the only one who doesnt see WP7 gaining any traction with these lacklustre designs from Microsoft’s so called partners.

  • BucksterMcgee

    Hey, if you get your hands on the Titan can you try out the IE9 mobile test drive pages? Like the mobile speed reading and fish tank pages?

    Actually might as well try it on the HTC radar as well to see if there is a difference between 1ghz and a 205 adreno and 1.5ghz and a 205 adreno.


  • MobileTechWorld

    Unfortunately the WiFi connection of the event was total shit. Couldn’t really test anything that required an online connection :(

  • Anonymous

    That Omega (aka Radar) is ugly.  The HTC Titan shows more promise.