Windows 8 Metro UI discussed

Microsoft’s Windows President Steven Sinofsky has just shred some more information about the upcoming Windows 8 Metro UI that was unveiled a few months ago. The whole post essential describes the company’s decision to have 2 distinct UIs in windows 8 instead of transitioning everything to Metro as many have suggested ever since we saw it in action a couple months ago:

We believe there is room for a more elegant, perhaps a more nuanced, approach. You get a beautiful, fast and fluid, Metro style interface and a huge variety of new apps to use. These applications have new attributes (a platform) that go well beyond the graphical styling (much to come on this at Build). As we showed, you get an amazing touch experience, and also one that works with mouse, trackpad, and keyboard. And if you want to stay permanently immersed in that Metro world, you will never see the desktop—we won’t even load it (literally the code will not be loaded) unless you explicitly choose to go there! This is Windows reimagined.

Microsoft will share more info about the development languages and APIs later this month during the Build conference:

Our design goal was clear: no compromises. If you want to, you can seamlessly switch between Metro style apps and the improved Windows desktop. Existing apps, devices, and tools all remain and are improved in Windows 8. On the other hand, if you prefer to immerse yourself in only Metro style apps (and platform) and the new user experience, you can do that as well! Developers can target the APIs that make sense for the software they wish to deliver. People can debate how much they need or don’t need different aspects of the product, but that has always been the case. All of this is made possible by the flexibility of Windows.

There’s no doubt that Windows 8 is a major bet on the future for Microsoft and the coming weeks will hopefully shed some light on the company’s plans in relation to windows 8 on tablets and who Windows Phone will evolve along side the desktop OS. You can get a taste of those upcoming touch based Metro application by trying this one right now.

source: Microsoft