Samsung Now Hub 2 released: Mango support, multiple Live Tiles, currency converter

Samsung has finally released the newest Mango version of the Windows Phone 7 Now hub today. This 2.0 release now support Mango’s fast application switching feature (multi-tasking), double sided live tiles, multiple live tiles: primary one for the weather, secondary for the news and a third one for the top tweets, a currency converter and several bug fixes. This update should be available right now to all Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus owners worldwide who are running Mango so all you’ll have to do is either wait for the update prompt or go to the Samsung Zone and update the app.

Update: As it’s case with most Live Tiles on WP7 the primary weather tiles never automatically updates on my device…shame… BTW, LG has already update most of its applications for Mango (2 weeks ago IIRC).

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    And where is the HTC Hub with Mango support?????? They are launching new phones 1 sept. and no updates for HTC Hub (that btw is on 1.9, so i expect the 2.0 to be a bigger update like the Samsung update)

  • Tim Anthony Lonzame Manuel

    Thanks for this. Updated my omnia 7 to use this. works great!

  • Anonymous

    The weather app live tile Not updating is a known issue. The workaround is to set the live tile updates to 60 minutes. This is at least how I got the weatherbug live tile to work on HTC Trophy.

  • MobileTechWorld

    There’s no way to setup the live tile sync schedule in the Samsung app.

  • Mohamed Amer

    Is the problem of the live tiles not updating still there in Mango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mc

    My tile wasn’t working so it keep showing the default image. To make the live tile work try this: Enter Now app and disable live tile, then exit the app. Re-enter the Now app and enable live tile, go to weather screen and refresh, exit the app. Live tile should now update.

  • Clo

    I can’t find this in marketplace. I am using a Samsung Focus with RTM Mango 7220.

  • Ipiercy

    Live tile not updating with Mango on my Samsung Omnia, also sound effect when app updates on opening no longer plays since the update, doh!