Windows 8 Metro UI discussed

Microsoft’s Windows President Steven Sinofsky has just shred some more information about the upcoming Windows 8 Metro UI that was unveiled a few months ago. The whole post essential describes the company’s decision to have 2 distinct UIs in windows 8 instead of transitioning everything to Metro as many have suggested ever since we saw it in action a couple months ago:

We believe there is room for a more elegant, perhaps a more nuanced, approach. You get a beautiful, fast and fluid, Metro style interface and a huge variety of new apps to use. These applications have new attributes (a platform) that go well beyond the graphical styling (much to come on this at Build). As we showed, you get an amazing touch experience, and also one that works with mouse, trackpad, and keyboard. And if you want to stay permanently immersed in that Metro world, you will never see the desktop—we won’t even load it (literally the code will not be loaded) unless you explicitly choose to go there! This is Windows reimagined.

Microsoft will share more info about the development languages and APIs later this month during the Build conference:

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HTC Jetstream Honeycomb tablet announced: Coming to AT&T September 4th

It’s been a while since I posted about and Android product but this one deserves to be talked about because it is HTC’s first Honeycomb tablet and also the first one powered by a Qualcomm SoC instead of the Nvidia Tegra 2. The HTC Jetstream (formerly known as the HTC Pucinni) features a 10.1 WXGA screen and is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8X60 SoC cloced at 1.5ghz (dual-core CPU). It will also feature an updated version of the HTC Sense UI for tablet which was introduced on the HTC Flyer earlier this year.BEst of all; it’s launching this Sunday on AT&T Check out the full specs:

HTC Jetstream Specifications

  • LTE (700/AWS)
  • HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS (850/1900/2100 MHz)
  • EDGE/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Android 3.1 (Honeycomb)
  • HTC Sense™ UX for tablets
  • Display: 10.1” WXGA HD screen
  • Processor:  Third-generation Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • Camera: Front Facing 1.3 MP, Rear facing 8 MP and Dual LED Flash
  • Battery: 7,300 mAh
  • Expandable Memory:  MicroSD up to 32 GB
  • Dimensions: 7” (l) x 9.87” (w) x 51” (d)
  • Weight: 25 ounces

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Nokia 703 / Sea Ray specs leak?

Mister Blurry Cam is at it again. The picture above supposedly reveals the hardware specifications of the Nokia 703 (a model number that has popped update lately) which looks relatively similar to the Nokia Sea Ray. Interestingly there’s also a Nokia 800 device in the wild so it is yet unknown if both are the same or if one is EU bound only or if there’s any difference at all between the two.

Back to the blurry picture. There’s some disappointing things in there (if it turns out to be true…) first the camera is a step down from the Nokia N9′s groundbreaking 8Mpix Sensor. The Nokia 703 is said to have a 5Mpix camera (no word on the optics). It also apparently only feature 8Gb of on-board storage, a 3.7″ Clear Black AMOLED WVGA display. Once agin take this kind of stuff with a heavy pinch of salt. Check out my earlier Nokia SeaRay hardware specification guess here.

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Windows Phone 7 Mac connector V2.0 for Mango released

Microsoft has just released the V.20 version of the Windows Phone Mac connector just in time for the Mango roll out. This update is packed full of new features that will finally put it on par with the Zune PC application (but not in terms of UI obviously). It even includes a user configurable video encoding functionality that isn’t present on the PC. It also seem to have a dedicated ringtones section unlike the Zune PC application which requires the user to manually rename the audio file so it can be recognized as a ringtone by the device.

• Full sync and import support for Apple Aperture software
• Drag and drop import of files from Browse Device
• Ringtone transfer support (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
• Improved video conversion process with user configuration options
• Support for Windows Phone Marketplace (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
• Localization support for 13 additional languages
• Improvements to backup and restore operations
• Improved configuration for podcast sync and photo import
• Improved iTunes import support in certain languages
• Improved metadata support for videos

• Added additional error codes and help references for device update
• Resolved connectivity issues with certain devices
• Resolved album art display issues for certain devices

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Samsung Now Hub 2 released: Mango support, multiple Live Tiles, Currency converter

Samsung has finally released the newest Mango version of the Windows Phone 7 Now hub today. This 2.0 release now support Mango’s fast application switching feature (multi-tasking), double sided live tiles, multiple live tiles: primary one for the weather, secondary for the news and a third one for the top tweets, a currency converter and several bug fixes. This update should be available right now to all Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus owners worldwide who are running Mango so all you’ll have to do is either wait for the update prompt or go to the Samsung Zone and update the app.

Update: As it’s case with most Live Tiles on WP7 the primary weather tiles never automatically updates on my device…shame… BTW, LG has already update most of its applications for Mango (2 weeks ago IIRC).

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