Nokia still looking for a name for its line of US Windows Phones ?

This is rather perplexing to say the least. Nokia is apparently still looking for a cool name for its US line of Windows Phones which is set to materialize this fall with the launch of the Nokia SeaRay. The company’s Head of Developer Marketing in North America has started a poll 5 days ago asking his Twitter followers to vote for one of the (ridiculous) suggestions or submit their own. If this is to be taken sinuously then something is wrong somewhere because the lack of product name today (August 30th) means that there’s still no marketing material ready or anything of that sort which is worrying given that the Fujitsu IS12T is already available and that HTC is set to unveil its line of Mango handsets later this week.

As I’ve been telling you for a while now the first Nokia Windows Phone will only be available in relatively short supply this year and it may now seem that the priority will be put on Europe first.

source: Twitter, PollDaddy, mynokiablog thanks for the heads up Mike

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with Nokia? This gives an impression of disorganization, improvisation, lateness… 

    They should already have names for all the upcoming and future phones and a marketing plan rolling. I can now rest assure that they will never make an impression in the US market, which is highly reliable on hype, marketing and mindshare. Every person on the streets of america think that every touchscreen smartphone is an iPhone. Try convincing them otherwise. 

  • Just Visiting

    Why?  Nokia never indicated that they would be releasing a device in the US for 2011; they specifically stated that they would release their first device in 2011 for Europe (6 countries).  They have plenty of time to determine the naming convention of their US devices, which probably will not be released until 2012. 

    Besides, this ‘poll’ could just be something they are using to get a pulse on what consumers are interested in with regards to names; it doesn’t mean that they don’t already have one.  Nokia did a poll last Spring about new colors for the N8 even though Magenta (Pink) had already been announced - as of today, still the most voted color has not come to fruition on any of the N8 phones.