Official Rugby World Cup 2011 Windows Phone 7 application released

If you are not a big football (soccer) fan like me then you are probably a Rugby fan instead and should happy to learn that the official Rugby Word Cup application has been released for Windows Phone 7. The free application, which can be downloaded from here, is nearly perfect. It’s packed full of info about the upcoming event, team stats, stadiums info, local events, news, videos etc. Everything is in there and presented in one of the best implementation of the metro UI in a third party application (I would also suggest the L’ application if you are in France).

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    What the heck, not availabel in… Ireland?? i know the team is not great this year but come on, what’s up??

    A very disappointed Rugby and WP7 fan

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    ignore my last comment looks like i got it directly from Zune, maybe your link is wrong?