All future Nokia phones to feature NFC support

According to Nokia’s VP Ilari Nurmi, from now on, all of our products will have an NFC chip inside. Another Nokia VP, Mark Selby, added that the company will ad support for such chips in their Windows Phone 7 handsets. NFC support in Nokia’s Windows Phones has long been rumored but never confirmed. It isn’t the first time that the Finnish mobile manufacturer has claimed that all of its upcoming handsets will be NFC equipped so this isn’t really anything new.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that the Nokia Sea Ray will indeed by NFC equipped but one can only hope that this will be the case given that the company’s first Windows Phone 7 handset hardware will be for the most part based on the Nokia N9 which has has an NFC chip (but different SoC and screen).

Source: Bangkok Post via wmpu

  • BucksterMcgee

    When I see reports of up coming windows phones with DLNA support as well as this NFC I wonder what does that mean actually. Since Windows Phone doesn’t support it at an OS level how much can you actually do with either? I assume it means that the OEM’s add their own apps that support it, but do they go further to allow use in other parts of the OS? If I have a DLNA supported phone can I easilly stream music from my phone through the normal hub? Or do I HAVE to use that OEM app? And since there isn’t an API available for developers to use it, no other 3rd party apps could tie into it correct?

    Maybe tango willl add NFC and DLNA support accross the entire platform… or least I can hope.

  • Johannespreekt

    Brandon Watson confirmed to me that they will not have any NFC API’s in place what means that only manufactors will give you apps that make use of it. I don’t expect that developers can connect to it because of the safety rules that are built in within the OS, no thing like COM-object that can be called…

    I guess from my part is that Tango will support API’s because the Tango update will have a lot of influence by Nokia, Mango came to fast. I think all assumptions you make are correct.