Windows Phone 7 Mango Wifi Hot-Spot feature is enabled by carriers

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but we finally have confirmation that WiFi Hot-Spot feature introduced in Windows Phone 7 Mango exists and can only be enabled by your carrier similar to USB Tethering a several other features like visual voice mail (and other stuff that haven’t been publicly talked about yet). So nothing amazing here , Windows Phone works in the same way as iOS does when it comes to these kind of features.

source: wpcentral

  • Anonymous

    My Provider allows the personal hotspot feature on the iphone. Hopefully, this means that my omnia 7 can have some fun too :)

    @Marketing at MSFT > Y U NO MENTION THIS FEATURE?!

  • JP

    what if i buy a phone directly from the oem, sans contract – will these features be baked in, or will i still be at the mercy of my carrier?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup it will only be activated by the carrier.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Because Microsoft doesn’t know what Marketing is.


    THis is the most important feature i always look for when i purchase a phone – Wifi Hotspot.


    Wi-fi Hotspot supported by these:
    - Samsung Omnia 7

    – Samsung Focus

    – HTC Mozart

    – HTC Titan 

    – HTC Radar